EDF project PASITHEA launched

On 1.12.2023, the research project PASITHEA (A Hybrid Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle system opening new horizons in conducting military operations in the marine environment) has been launched. The project receives funding from the EDF programme (call EDF-2022-LS-RA-SMERO) and is coordinated by BALance. 9 partners from 5 countries build the consortium for the 3-year project.

The main idea of PASITHEA project is to develop a new design combining the well-known UAV’s and UUV’s technologies into a multi-technology Hybrid Unmanned Vehicle, which can fly, hover in the air and sail, hover under the water, whilst having the ability to repeat air/water trans-media transitions. The HAUV will be able to be launched and recovered from platforms/units operated and controlled by land, sea (surface/underwater) and air. The project includes the design of a high-level control, command, communication, and intelligence (C3I) system. For further information, please contact the coordinator under info@pasithea-project.eu.